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The Emerging High-Tech Police State, in the US and Worldwide

Lawless Politics; Lawless Technology* - Asserting the "Will to Power" in Government and in the Laboratory (2003)

When the State Becomes God - A Warning Against the Emerging Police State (2004)

When the State Becomes God* - MS Word format

The Soul Under Siege* - From the "National Security State" to War and a New World Order (2004-2005)

From Liberty to Leviathan* - Global Moves Toward Tyranny, War, and Coercive Utopianism (2006)

The Techno-Utopians* - "Advances" in High-Tech Surveillance, Torture, and Brainwashing (2007)

The Sunset of Liberty in the United States* - Both Parties Set the Stage for Tyranny (Spring 2008)

The Twilight of Freedom* - Both Parties Continue to Set the Stage for Tyranny (Fall 2008)

When Leaders Deceive - Obama and Romney: Authoritarians and Liars - PDF file (Spring 2012)

The United Religions Initiative

The United Religions Initiative: A Bridge Back to Gnosticism - New Oxford Review, 1998

The United Religions Initiative: A Bridge Back to Gnosticism* - MS Word format

Bishop Swing's 1998 book, The Coming United Religions - A Review by Lee Penn

Midwives of a Common God - The Myriad Friends of the United Religions Initiative (June 2000, Touchstone Magazine)

Midwives of a Common God* - MS Word format

The Growth of the Interfaith Movement* - MS Word format; stories from The Christian Challenge (2000-2008)

United Religions "Encourages a Lowerarchy" - Bush Praises United Religions Initiative (Fall 2001)

A Liberal Episcopal Bishop's Dream Gains Ground - United Religions Initiative Prospers in Global South (October, 2007)

The Religious Face of the New World Order: From the Vatican to the White House to the United Religions Initiative* - A Summary (2010)

The Religious Face of the New World Order: The United Religions Initiative Grows Worldwide* - The United Religions Initiative and Its Establishment Allies (2010)

Opus Dei: Cultism and Rightist Ideology Within the Catholic Church

Opus Dei and the Da Vinci Code - part 1 - The Scandalous Truth About Opus Dei (2005)

Opus Dei and the Da Vinci Code - part 1* - MS Word format

Opus Dei and the Da Vinci Code - part 2 - The Scandalous Truth About Opus Dei (2006)

Opus Dei and the Da Vinci Code - part 2* - MS Word format

The Perversions of ex-FBI Agent and Opus Dei Member - Robert Philip Hanssen - Details (2006)

Destroying Souls, Mocking God: Clerical Abuse and Cover-Up in the Catholic Church

San Francisco Archbishop William Levada's Hidden Record - In a Time of Scandal, Business as Usual (August 2005)

Molestation and Cover-up in the Churches* - MS Word format; stories from The Christian Challenge (2005-2008)

The Opus Dei Response To The Sex Abuse Sandal - Apologetics for the Status Quo (2006)

"Penance" Without Reform* - Benedict XVI's Preacher Suggests a Ceremonial Response to the Clergy Abuse Scandal (2006)

Papal Infallibility and Catholic/Political Utopianism - Distorting the Catholic Faith

The Papal Excommunication of Constantinople in 1054 - Its Doubtful Validity and Legitimacy (2003)

Affairs of State: Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Politicized Religion, Left & Right* - stories from The Christian Challenge (2006-2008)

The Papacy In Historical Perspective - The Truth About Some Popes (2007)

About Papal Infallibility - The Truth Behind It (2007)

About Papal Infallibility* - MS Word format (2007); expanded version

Reasons to Doubt the Words and Deeds of Benedict XVI - The Appearance of Holiness, Versus Worldly Reality (2008)

The Religious Face of the New World Order: Benedict XVI Calls for a "True World Political Authority"* - A Theological Revolution in the 2009 Encyclical Caritas in Veritate (2010)

The Return to "Christendom": The State and Church Alliance - A False Hope for the Faithful (2007)

Could This Be an Apocalyptic Time? Apostate Churches, False Prophets, a False Christ, and Their Downfall

False Dawn - Checkmate! - After the Anti-Tradition, the Final Counter-Tradition? (Chapter 25 of False Dawn, 2005)

The Staged Second Coming of "Jesus Christ" : The False Christ - The ultimate snare (2007)

How to Prepare for Disasters* - Practical Advice for Surviving Natural and Man-Made Disasters (2009)

Clarifying my SCP Journal article on false messiahs and the False Christ - (2011)

Scriptural Prophecy about Jesus Christ, the Messiah

Old Testament Prophecies of the Messiah* - Fulfilled Only by Jesus Christ (2007)

Biblical Prophecies of the Second Coming of Christ* - Scriptural Guidance Through the Last Days of This Age (2007)

Religious Dead-Ends: Moonies, Entheogens, and New Age/Occult Movements

Beware! The New Age Movement Is More Than Self-Indulgent Silliness - A Comprehensive Exposé (2000)

New Age, Feminist, and Secularist Worship and Teaching in the Episcopal Church* - MS Word format; stories from The Christian Challenge (2001-2008)

The One World Religion : The Details - United Religions Initiative and Unification Church vs. the Cross of Christ (2003)

The Utilization of Hallucinogenic Drugs as a Way to Approach God - Entheogens: Another Aberration of the New Age World (2003)

The Head of the Moonies Crowned Messiah in a Semi-Official Ceremony - Washington DC, March 2004

The Mayan Apocalypse of 2012 - Debunking a New Age Doomsday Myth (2009)

The Mayan Apocalypse of 2012* - MS Word format

Ayn Rand: the Janus Face of Libertarianism - Refuting Ayn Rand's Anti-Gospel (2011) - PDF file


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